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planning an EVENT?

Welcome to Event-Farm, an Istanbul based Agency! Our clients come to us with seeds of ideas, and we in turn help to plant, nurture, and grow those seeds into something spectacular!

ready to pump
up your BRAND?

We are always ready to boost your brand up to its full potential. We work with you to engage your brand and reflect its message to consumers via our hand-in-hand work ethic. Together, we will reflect the brand more recognisably and appealingly to the world!

brand consultancy
content development

We offer unparalleled experiences tailored for you with the following questions in mind: who, where, why, how and when?

With precise planning, we present custom fit solutions concerning the nature of the brand. With our dynamic vision fed by global trends, we design creative and need-oriented content that will appeal to all your senses.

special events

Special occasions are once in a lifetime events that are constantly looked back upon. However, no one wants to remember the bustle and planning that went into it, that is where we come in to comfort you with our refreshed outlook and detailed solutions; you won’t have to worry about a thing! Just come to us with a dream and together we will make those dreams into a reality.

event management
public relations

With our experienced vision, connections, and ideas we are constantly looking to push creative boundaries. With a modern outlook, we welcome your ideas as the seeds they are, and provide you with refreshed and personalised solutions. Through our expertise in communication oriented scheduling and meticulous detailing, we customize events and public relations based on individual needs.


We are a Next Generation Event and Brand Marketing Agency, established in 2012, with an experienced team who have worked in the communication sector in brand marketing, public relations, content development, local and international media planning and educational platforms in Turkey.

Event-Farm offers services to clients who are seeking a fresh and cutting-edge alternative to standardised solutions. Our packages include constant, long-term and/or project-based event solutions dependent upon the nature of the product.

In order to provide the best services, we listen to your brand’s story and define its characteristics- we then determine your needs accordingly. Our projects are based on a unique and individualised approach to better promote brand loyalty, emotional connections and activations within given target audiences.

We offer a new generation approach to custom fit any sector your company wishes to develop further within the branding, public relations, event communication and marketing solution sectors. Our aim, here at Event-Farm, is to bring forth an exceptional and unforgettable experience in all of the platforms we operate within.

Yasemin Sadıkoğlu
Event-Farm Founder




Thank you to our business friends, who make every day a special day for us!


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